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What We Do:
- We can replace your entire exterior door unit with a new unit, whether it's a front door or back patio door unit.
- If your door frame is ok then we can keep your existing door frame & just replace the door itself, whether you've been broken-in to or just want to upgrade to a nicer door, when using your existing door frame our carpenters will custom machine the new door for exact hinge & lock locations to get a perfect fit inside of your existing door frame.

A new exterior door is a great way to make your house look more modern & will significantly reduce your heating Bills.
A properly installed Exterior Door can last a very long time 30 to 60+ years, this requires 2 things,
1) To start with a great quality exterior door unit.
2) It must be installed by knowledgeable & experienced carpenter.

All our Exterior Doors are made in Canada by a company that has been making them for over 100 years. All our installers are finishing carpenters with min. 25 years experience, we never send anyone to work at your house without these qualifications & unless we are 100% confident in their quality of work. We guarantee that we will spend the time needed to each customer that each & every job we do will be done right from the 1st time, that you'll have a door unit that you will enjoy for many years to come. It's very important to have a new door unit done right from the 1st time as doors need to be plumb, square & not warped, once a door unit is installed wrong it won't be.

We'll help you select the right door for each application, weather it's a steel door, smooth fiberglass door or textured fiberglass doors, we have our full selection of Exterior Doors bellow on this page, some are better suited for different conditions/applications, all our exterior doors are well suited for Calgary, Airdrie & surrounding areas environment/weather.
Steel doors are tried & true, they've been around since the 1970's, they have an insulated core wrapped in a steel skin on either side.
Fiberglass Doors like steel doors have a insulated core, but have a much thicker layer on each side & unlike steel doors Fiberglass doors have a true square edge, Fiberglass doors also don't dent like steel doors do from moving furniture to kids going in & out with big hockey bags they hold up to minor hits, & are 15% more energy efficient than comparable steel door equivalents.

The difference between Smooth Fiberglass & Textured Fiberglass is the look, both are constructed the exact same way, both are equally as energy efficient, & both have a True square edge, the difference is in the outer skin, where Smooth Fiberglass Doors have a smooth skin & once painted they look the same as a steel door.
Textured Fiberglass Doors are designed to look like a wood door, why a fiberglass door why not just go with a wood door, wood doors aren't insulated, fiberglass doors are insulated so in Calgary's cold winters they will limit heat transfer more than wood doors keeping your house warmer & saving you money on heating bills, also Calgary & Airdrie are extremely dry, not good for wood, wood doors will dry out & crack & split, they require very frequent maintenance which is very expensive, so Textured Fiberglass Doors don't crack & split, they provide all the beauty of wooden doors, without all the constant upkeep making them a great option for Calgary, Airdrie & surrounding areas.

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